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True Measure Home Inspections is a family owned business that provides homebuyers and real estate brokers with quality home inspections. They came to us to create a digital identity to their business. As a professional service based company, they needed their goals and values to be communicated in a manner that was true to who they are. As husband and wife, The Olgesby's knew that their family owned business need needed to stand out from their competition and build an online presence that is assertive in making them leaders in their industry and geographical location.

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UX/UI Design

The way we chose to format True Measure's website was split into two main components: informational and inviting. The design needed to represent a sense of community and professionalism in the home inspection arena. We formatted the design of the website to drive user intent as follows: begin as: informational, follow as: navigational, and finally transform into transactional.

Professional C-T-A

The owners of True Measure were very clear on how they wanted their "Call To Actions". Phone calls and contact via forms was their preferred method of customer interaction. We created forms that were strictly to collect information and were simple enough that did not draw potential customers away from their website.

Branding and Graphic Design

While our client already had a strong reference for branding visuals, we did our due diligence in bringing their vision to life. We created marketing material that reflected the services on their website and created a sense of urgency for customers to take action instantly. We kept a very professional look that was geared toward attracting users in a specific region.

Increased Web Traffic
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