Fruicee Cold Pressed Juice

the challenge

Our client Fruicee, a cold pressed juice company engaged us to guide them in creating strong impressionable branding for their business and products. As we are experienced in the food and beverage industry, we knew this would be a challenge due to the short shelf life of our client's product and high competition, but not anything we could not handle.

Start Date
Design & Dev & Branding
"We had no idea what direction to take the brand in, they helped us out all the way through."

Industry Standard Design

As a competitor in a highly saturated market, we knew the challenge in building a brand and designing a website that is not a new concept for many. We wanted to keep clean professional spaces while emphasizing the mission and values of the company through typography.

Online Ordering Functionality

Our client knew that their edge had to be a simple online ordering process and a delivery offer that most similar companies, due to the shelf-life and lesser quality could not offer.

Authentic Branding

From the labels, to fonts, to icons, to recipe visuals, we had to create a look for the cold-pressed juices that was friendly and vivid to give a playful boost to the recipes.

Online Orders Placed
Authentic Branding
Client Satisfaction
Organic Traffic

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