Evolving Arts Of America

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Our client, Evolving Arts of America (EAA), a nonprofit dedicated to the education of art for the youth in Atlanta, Georgia came to us with their vision. Immediately, we were interested not only for the new business but also because the cause is a great investment into the youth. We knew that working with a nonprofit would propose its fair set of challenges, but we were confident in our abilities to serve and produce a meaningful advertising campaign and website design.

Evolving Arts Of America
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"Hitting our target donation gold was something we could not be more proud of. We appreciate everything they have done to bring our cause digital."

Live Hero Video

In an ever-changing and constantly growing digital world, it is important to keep up with the times. As a nonprofit organization seeking donations to keep their arts program alive, we decided to make the first thing you see when you get to their website something appealing, in line with industry standard and super relevant to the cause.

We Were Able To Help Raise 10K For Evolving Arts Of America

With a strong pay-per-click campaign, donors were pouring in with friends, partners and even families that were so thrilled and impressed with the work they saw digitally, they were more than happy to give their donations.

Marketing Material

Seeking donations to support their art program was one thing, sustaining their support was another. They needed enough marketing material to impress and remind their donors who they were while keeping a professional presence.

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