Direct Advancement

the challenge

Our client wanted to revamp the idea of credit repair on the web. We took this challenge serious as we know the conservativeness of fin-tech when it comes to design. Also, we needed to create a way to gather as much information while keeping the calls-to-action as visually available as possible.

Direct Advancement
Start Date
Design & Dev & SEO
"We needed integrations and functions that our old website provider could not give us. We were happy to find someone who could and with grace."

Modernized Design & CX

Modernizing this website was our greatest pleasure. Many competitors remain conservative in this matter, but we thought it would be interesting to engage users visually while still providing them the best customer experience.

Mobile Functionality

While giving users the option to engage with this website in a mobile capacity, we made sure to keep all the key elements visible and navigational to get to that last "sign up" phase.

User Education

We integrated many functions to give users access to the client's process, answer any questions they may have and allow them to visualize how they could improve their credit score.

Forms Submitted
User Engagement
Credit Scores Boosted
Organic Traffic

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