Dinglasan Laboratory

the challenge

We were approached to redesign our client's websites to successfully showcase the important work they do in regards to viruses and testing. We also knew we had to bring the website to full ADA compliance. Our approach was to keep the company's mission visible and emphasized but with modern design and a cleaner look that is reflective of the advancement of medicine and research.

Dinglasan Laboratory
Start Date
Web Design & Dev & SEO
"We hadn't updated our website since 2013 when it was first built so we wanted to be up to par with industry standards and modern design."

Modern Design

As healthcare is such an important part of everyone's life, the work being done by our client should be reflected as such and in a sophisticated manner on their website. We added a custom video in the hero to give insight to users on the client's day-to-day functions. We wanted to keep the color palettes clean enough that they are ADA compliant, yet bold and pungy for a futuristic look. We also chose typography that was easy to read on all devices and bold enough to highlight the lab's most important work.

AAA WGA 2.0 ADA Compliant

We discovered the complications that caused the company's old website to run into ADA compliance issues and thoroughly addressed them by making the necessary changes to make the newly redesigned website compliant. Their website, having many hyperlinks to external websites required elements such as warnings that asked for user permission to redirect them to an external site.

Tailored Content Management System

We wanted to give equal emphasis and page space to all the important research and work done by our client. We created a content management system that highlights their: research sectors, donors, team members, publications and news articles in a very organized and sophisticated way.

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