Clinton Management

the challenge

This website was by far the most different from the other (1 of 4) related websites. This website was not tailored to sell to users but rather to manage current and future tenants. The purpose was to be informational, navigational and transactional with facilitated digital resources.

Levine Builders
Start Date
Web Design & Dev & SEO
"The features we needed on this website, we never had before on our old website, we appreciated their creativity."

Customized Functional Header

As a sister company, this website needed easy transitions from the theirs to their related sites. Without causing disruption or confusion in other sections, we made the navigation super simple and visually stunning. We also allowed employees and tenants to effortlessly have their login options available.

Professional Backend Integrations

For our client's tenants to accept rental payments, we wanted to have a smooth integration that would allow the client's branding to remain visible while being on a third party website.

Mobile Capacity

We know the importance of web visibility on multiple devices. For our client's users, our R&D showed that mobile usage outweighed both desktop and tablet. Using this data, we made sure to position all the elements of the website on mobile for ease of use.

ADA Compliance
User Activity
Authentic Branding
Organic Traffic

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